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Multi-Mode Plate Reader

Multi-mode well plate readers allow high-throughput screening of compound libraries through a number of methods. It also allows direct monitoring of several biochemical assays rapidly. Our instrumentation center is equipped with a highly advanced multi-mode instrument (Synergy H1, BioTek, United States) which can allow studies in 96 and 384 well plate formats. The instrument combines multiple microplate technologies and detection modes into a single versatile unit and can detect absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence based changes in the analyte under investigation. This instrument is ideal for several experiments some of which are listed below-

  1. ADME-T studies
  2. ELISA
  3. Cell viability Assay (MTT-Assay)
  4. Cytotoxicity Assay
  5. Nucleic acid quantification
  6. Enzyme Kinetics
  7. FRET
  8. Protein Assay

This instrument is available to external users on per hour charge basis.