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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer [Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, Agilent Technologies] with Thermal Control

Fluorescence spectroscopy is a sensitive scientific tool used in biochemical, biophysical and material sciences. The observable changes in the native fluorescence spectra of a molecule with the influence of its microenvironment in shape, position, and intensity make it a powerful tool for studying molecular structure and its interactions. As fluorescence techniques use very small quantities of sample for analysis (typically nanomolar concentrations), they are hugely popular and useful in the study of biomacromolecules.

Our instrument is fitted with a four channel peltier thermostatted multicell holder to allow the simultaneous measurement of up to four samples. It can measure fluorescence, phosphorescence and luminescence at desired temperatures between 5-98 ⁰C. The instrument software has different modules to suit your experimental needs. In addition to routinely used Scan and Kinetics operations, this instrument can be used to study fluorescence based temperature dependent protein and nucleic acid denaturation and re-folding processes which can be further used towards FRET based applications. This instrument is available to external users with prior booking (minimum one hour use).